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Wedding Security

Planning weddings is very stressful. The stress adds up as guests increase, valuables are left unattended, and altercations are more likely to occur. Luckily, Ethius Protection has over six years in wedding security experience and we know exactly how to organize our resources for your special events. With a sufficient amount of trained security guards, we will have security at your home to protect assets and have guards at the reception to ensure nothing goes wrong.


Corporate Security

At Ethius Protection, we offer a wide range of corporate and commercial security. Our services range from Concierge Security, Parking Enforcement, Trespassing Act, Access Control, Mobile Patrol, and Customer Service. Having Security personnel on your property 24/7 ensures that there are no threats to your assets. Our Security Guards will take safe measures in reporting and dissolving any issues on your property.


Event Security

Events need extensive organization regarding security and access control. Ethius Protection specializes in helping Event Organizers and Owners have a safe and organized event. Our Guards are trained with de escalating situations and dealing with threats that can ruin events.


COVID-19 Guidelines

Ethius Protection takes all covid-19 safety protocols very seriously. We offer our services with extensive measures including temperature checks, social distancing, covid assessments and documentation.

Other Services.

House Watch

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Fire Watch

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Site Watch

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Pipeline Security

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Daily Patrol

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Alarm Response

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Covid Enforcement

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